PECHET and ROBB studio limited

Lakewood Residence

This project is an extensive renovation to an existing “Vancouver Special” — a generic, low-market house typical to this city. The renovation removed the existing interior walls, creating open living areas with large terrace doors opening to outdoor garden courts. Exposed wood framing and skylights replace what had been cramped dry-walled spaces.

A subsequent building phase has added a 400 sq. ft. accessory building housing a garage and studio and a completed garden.

The Lakewood Residence has often been cited as the precedent for renovating Vancouver Specials; it was the featured project for a public lecture and open house sponsored by The Vancouver Heritage Foundation in 2008.

Location:Vancouver, BC
Client:The Robb Family
Completed:2001 / 2008
Studio Team:Stephanie Robb
Herman Kao
Project Team:Pechet and Robb art and architecture ltd.
Builder:Murray Wiseman / Jon Franklin
Photos:Nic Le Houx / P and R
Distinctions:2005, Lieutenant-Governor of British Columbia Innovation Award for Architecture.