PECHET and ROBB studio limited

North Vancouver Cemetery

As part of a major redevelopment of the North Vancouver Cemetery, we are in the design concept phase for a new Administration/Congregation facility, Mausolem Terrace and Works Compound.

The 250 sq.m Administration/Congregation facility will provide for offices, archive and ceremonial gathering spaces (both indoor and outdoor).

The building spaces are to be warm and simple, using the filtered light of cedar and fir trees to engender a soft and peaceful atmosphere.

As the facility will be nestled into Mausoleum Terraces, the supporting landscape will have multiple pathways which wind their way down a variety of levels, to ensure that privacy exists amongst the various uses of the complex.

The Works Compound will be located at the entrance to new burial terraces for up to 5000 people, on the eastern side of the cemetery.

It will feature a large outdoor canopy, with a living green roof, for the covering of machinery, bins of soils, and gravel storage.

The entire compound will be surrounded by a meandering landscaped wall which hides the cemetery machinery, yet allows for visitors to see the green roof floating above.

designs in conjunction with PWL landscape Architects

BC Canada