PECHET and ROBB studio limited

The Pier 2

As part of the ongoing redevelopment of the Burrard Shipyards site, we are currently creating new site furnishings, infrastructure and art installations for additional public spaces of the site. This includes a festival plaza with stage and stage covering, various public walkways, and smaller public courtyards.

Alongside our collaborators, Durante Kreuk Landscape Architects, we have selected a palette of materials and forms which remain true to the original lexicon of shipbuilding fabrication; steel plate, standard pipe sections, “I” beams, and ‘stacks of things’ will be the building blocks of the project. Restorations of 2 massive cranes will also give scale and identity to the area.

Location:North Vancouver, BC
Client:The City of North Vancouver
Studio Team:Bill Pechet
Gabe Daly
Heidi Nesbitt
Project Team:Durante Kruek Landscape Architects
Pechet and Robb art and architecture ltd.
Builder:Mondiale Construction
Photos:P and R