PECHET and ROBB studio limited

The Pier

We are currently creating site furnishings, infrastructure and art installations for the massive redevelopment of the Burrard Shipyards, in North Vancouver, Canada.

This industrial site was once a thriving fabrication facility for very large ships, and is now being redeveloped into a recreational, cultural, commercial and residential community.

Our suite of elements include: benches, lighting, trash receptacles, plaza surfaces, signage and other useful things such as bike racks.

These furnishings are meant to refer to the techniques and materials used in the Canadian ship building industries of the early to mid 20th century, where direct use of steel and wood were deployed.

The resultants objects playfully echo things such as clamps , rivet holes, metal bending, decking and such.
With the 1st phase now complete, a large pier holds over 100 of our benches and lighting. The 2nd phase of this project will include massive corten steel sheets, large cranes and a 10m high building skeleton of ‘i’ beams which can be used as a market or festival site.

Our collaborating Landscape Architects for this project are Durante Kreuk of Vancouver.

North Vancouver, BC