PECHET and ROBB studio limited

Spirit Square

This project is being co-designed with Joseph Daly Landscape Architect.

Currently under construction, this renovation to Victoria’s main civic space (Centennial Square) will help the city to diversity the square’s use and refresh this part of downtown with a renewed set of event spaces.

A back of a theatre is becoming a front, with the addition of a new outdoor stage and canopy. A new amphitheatre adjacent to this will provide flexible seating for groups from 1-350 people. Various ‘performance pebbles’ will facilitate small performances to take place within the amphitheatre AND convert into a water play mist garden when not used as performance platforms.

Nearby a large unused swath of plaza space is being outfitted with various underground services (electrical, water and in-ground umbrella foundations) so that markets can be set up throughout the year.

Finally, the southern edge of the plaza will see the installation of (what we think is) the world’s longest public drinking fountain called the BIG DIPPER. The ladle-like shape of the dipper was chosen to because it can form a cross-cultural link to a new garden at the southern side of the site, which will contain two new first nations carvings by Butch and Clarence Dick. Everyone uses ladles, it is a symbol of nurture.

Victoria, Canada