PECHET and ROBB studio limited

Velvet Bent

Velvet Bent is a proposal for two clusters of lights on corner plazas at 1499 West Pender Street, in downtown Vancouver.

They are named after a common turf grass (Agrostis canina) and are meant to evoke those grasses and/or giant flocking birds, or bendy straws…depending on the viewer’s frame of reference.

Even though each look different, in reality there are only 2 types…it is their varied positioning and height that the illusion of uniqueness emerges.

The ‘velvet’ of the piece is derived from the luxurious feel and appearance of their bead-blasted stainless steel surface. As a projection surface for LED’s, the stainless surface will softly catch the sprays of light, creating subtle, folding, velvet glows.