PECHET and ROBB studio limited

Victory Square Lighting

Victory Square was once the historic centre of Vancouver, and has long been the site of the city’s war memorial cenotaph, and the popular annual Remembrance Day ceremony.

The square served as the muster station for men enlisting during WW1, and returning soldiers used the site as a demonstration ground to depict trench warfare in an effort to raise money for widowed families.

Having fallen into neglect in recent years, the Victory Square Lighting Project was part of an overall park refurbishment plan spearheaded by The Friends of Victory Square.

The lighting level in the park is enhanced by soldier-lights at attention (lining a parade circle around the cenotaph), and soldier-lights at ease (lights casually placed throughout the park).

The lighting project was honoured with an International Illumination Design Award and the Paul Waterbury Award of Merit (Exterior Lighting category).

Electrical engineering by Michael Graham of MMM Group. Fabrication by Rebelle Architectural Lighting.