PECHET and ROBB studio limited

Woods 2

Currently in design development, this is the second phase of the Woods Columbaria, at Capilano View Cemetery, in West Vancouver. The first phase was completed in 1993.

Woods 2 will provide over 800 new interment spaces underneath an array of elevated stainless steel roofs. The wing–shaped roofs are meant to provide protection from the rain and yet suggest air and space and flight. They are conceptualized to prompt the visitor to look skyward. Their colour will be a soft pewter grey, as they will be bead blasted to remove sheen. These roofs will channel water into flower bowls at one end of the columbaria, and into the surrounding forest, at the other end.

Family columbaria will be situated around the periphery of the site, imbedded into low stone walls. When visitors are seated, these walls will provide privacy from the larger cemetery, yet will allow views to the immediate forested edges of salal, huckleberry, ferns, hemlock and fir. The nearby mountains will also be visible from within the columbaria setting.

Location:Capilano View Cemetery, West Vancouver, BC
Client:The District of West Vancouver
Studio Team:Bill Pechet
Gabe Daly
Project Team:Pechet and Robb art and architecture ltd.
Photos:P and R